Our Story

In 2005, Nichola began a new journey by starting NKD - Nichola Keast Design. Her goal was to create a label that stands out from the rest by combining both 'made to measure' and 'off the rack', along with several limited pieces that are Nichola's pride and passion.

Over 15 years later, NKD has a wide range of returning, satisfied customers that come back over and over to buy Nichola's clothes. 

They say this is because they are infinitely practical and casual. Her collections embody a modern use of colour and she only uses exclusive in-house prints.

Frequent trips overseas allow Nichola direct access to high quality, leading-edge fabrics, handbags, scarves and jewellery. 

The NKD store is located at 210a Marua Road. The shop provides a relaxed environment for fitting customers, which depending on what they want, can take time.

Coffee to go for those ultimate shoppers!

NKD clothing is easily recognisable from the rest with the iconic tag.

Meet Lily, our incredible team worker!