At nkd, one of our customers favourite parts of shopping with us are the individually styled garments that are sometimes genuinely one of a kind!

This page is a snapshot of some of our recent creations.


  • Not exactly bespoke
    But an absolute one -of dress! Our Frida fabric at its best.
  • Charlottes Competition Dress
    Aspiring to be a professional opera singer Charlotte needs stand out dresses and many of them! All individually made to measure.
  • Lace Daisy Dress
    Carol loves her clothes but being tiny nearly everything needs to be adjusted. This Embroidered Dress just looks beautiful and perfect for the Cure Kids Charity dinner.
  • Lily Dress
    Jenny chose one of nkd’s exclusive fabrics for the style of dress that works for her.
  • Bespoke Jacket
    This style is an oldie but a goodie. Mary decided that she just loved the fabric but would prefer it in a jacket.
  • Trish in Pink Linen Wendy Dress
    Trish is well over 6 foot and struggles with everything being too short. We have designed and made most of Trish`s wardrobe. This pink linen dress looks truly beautiful.
  • Pip in Paris
    Our Daisy Dress style has been tweaked just a fraction so that Pip can have dresses constructed to fit her perfectly.
    Gorgeous photo!
  • Janna’s Classic  Shift
    Janna just loves this style .We have now designed and made 5 dresses in the same classic shape but in a variety of fabrics with different detailing.
  • Shawl Coat
    Lucy needed a Coat for a special occasion and being a green lover fell in love with our beautiful Shawl Collared Coat.
    Unfortunately the sleeves weren’t comfortable so we made her a new one to fit.
  • Kereyn chose  nkd to design and make her dress for the  Olympic Gala Dinner
    We just love this beautiful evening gown that shimmered in the lights all night long.
    Pauline also chose nkd to create her top half.