• Daisy dress w pussy bow
    Our classic daisy dress, 5 cm longer with the added touch of a contrasting pussy bow at the neck.
    100% viscose
    NZ$ 195.00
    NZ$ 85.00
  • Kate dress
    This season emphasis is on twists of fabric that create interest. The floral print not only makes this fabric interesting but is great for disguising any figure imperfections!
    NZ$ 185.00
    NZ$ 75.00
  • Marc Dress
    A beautiful fine cotton dress in fabric designed by Marc Jacobs.
    We love the pretty sleeves!
    NZ$ 215.00
    NZ$ 95.00
  • Molly Skirt
    A long slim skirt with lots of swing at the bottom.
    NZ$ 185.00
    NZ$ 95.00
  • Slim Skirt
    A staggering fitting skirt in Ponti wit plenty of stretch. Can easily go ow zen in tis one.
    NZ$ 165.00
    NZ$ 85.00
  • X skirt
    A slim fitting skirt, gently tapering to below the knee. Cotton/lycra
    NZ$ 175.00
    NZ$ 75.00